Why sell my house to you? 

We can buy your house AS IS and in ANY condition. You will not be expected to make any repairs. We can close within days and you will not have to pay any realtor fees or closing costs. We can often net you what you would receive if you listed your house with a realtor, but without the hassle of multiple showings and being expected to make repairs.

Common seller situations?

Preforclosure, Past due taxes, Unaffordable repairs, Overwhelmed landlord, Problem tenants, Inherited unwanted properties, Need to sale fast, Don't want to deal with realtors, Don't want to make repairs before selling

Do I need to make repairs to my house before selling?
No you don't have to make a single repair. Selling a house can be a stressful event and we want to decrease that stress as much as possible. 

Do I have to remove all my belongings from the house before selling?
You can leave whatever you want behind. We have dealt with it all including hoarded houses! The last thing you should worry about is cleaning out your house. We pride ourselves in making your transition new your new home as seamless as possible. We also offer moving assistance.

Do I need a realtor to sell my house?
No, Texas law does not require an individual to use a realtor to sell their house. So we can work with you if you have a realtor or don't have one. 

How quick can you close?
We can close within days or we can push closing back to give you more time to find a new place to move. We are FLEXIBLE and can adapt to any sellers situation!

​Will you buy my house even if I have a mortgage or liens on it?
Yes, we can buy your property even if it has a mortgage or other liens. We can work with any seller situation: mortgage, tax liens, mechanics lien, construction liens, deceased owners, probate, etc...

Do you buy properties that are tenant occupied?

Yes, we can work with any tenant situation: non paying tenants, long term tenants, problem tenants, squatters, etc...

What should I expect when I contact you?

Once you give us a call or fill out our online form, you should receive a phone call back within 24hrs. We will then conduct an over the phone interview with you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Then over the phone we will give you a estimate of what we can pay you for your house. If you then decided you want an official cash offer for your house we then would schedule an appointment to see your property. Once we have walked your property we will then make an official offer to purchase.

Were you contacted by one of these numbers?

You may have been contacted by someone using the numbers below. If so that is normal, we use the below numbers to track our marketing. 

Marketing numbers: 972-483-0362, 469-453-6699, 469-554-9723, 469-702-8518, 469-848-3177, 469-908-8633, 469-457-9283, 469-459-0861, 972-430-3537, 972-430-3538, 469-848-4365, 469-459-0754, 469-848-4332, 469-848-4319, 469-414-0508, 469-848-4297, 469-415-9190, 469-405-2916, 469-702-8912, 469-747-0378, 469-382-1214, 469-848-4367, 469-551-5352, 469-378-9205, 469-405-2985, 469-373-7396,  469-485-0298, 469-772-4694, 469-848-4370, 469-848-4368, 469-373-8694, 469-848-4327, 469-848-4261, 469-415-1319, 469-848-4350, 469-848-4353, 469-848-4337,  469-848-4313, 469-414-0688, 469-848-4342, 469-848-4298, 469-848-3600,  469-848-4343, 972-430-3539, 972-430-3541,  469-707-8404,  469-273-1501,  469-388-0661, 469-848-4359, 469-848-4329, 469-848-4238, 469-848-4252,  469-747-0198,  469-848-4307, 469-388-0916, 469-382-1844, 469-848-4326